Why accommodation in South Africa owners should list on South African Accommodation Finder

Make sure your establishment gets the maximum exposure to both South African and International prospective clients by listing on South African Accommodation Finder. Even if you already have an existing website it would be worth your while to list on our website as our rankings on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Ananzi will inevitably be high due to our expertise in search engine optimising and the fact that these search engines generally favour larger websites over smaller ones with less content. In fact you cannot afford not be listed on South African Accommodation Finder as you will be simply handing over prospective clients to your competitors who are already listed on our site. List your establishment today and have your site on South African Accommodation Finder within three weeks!

More reasons to get listed
When you get listed you will have your own web page on which you can have up to 4 photos, a description of your venue, a list of facilities available and much more. Your web page will have an unique web address which you can print on your brochures and business cards. The best part of all this is that listing on South African Accommodation Finder is completely free!!